Director’s message

    Sh. Sunil Bajaj

    IMG_3201“Education, the apprenticeship of life is not learning; it is the exercise and development of the powers of mind, the refinement of heart and the discipline of the spirit.” The real objective of education is to give one ,the resources that will endure as long as life endures, The habits that time will ameliorate so as to prepare one to meet the crucial demands of life. In sync with the above thought,we at SCERT Haryana believe in imparting quality education to educators at various levels through in-service and pre-service trainings and workshops.

    The council provides appropriate set up for adventure of fresh ideas resulting in high quality of research and learning so that the products of our schools become the engine of growth and development for the nation. The Confucian dictum of ‘learning by doing’followed by multidimensional activities like seminars, presentations, workshops, training sessions foster not only comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation but also a holistic approach of the subjects.

    In its history spanning over two and a half decades SCERT has done many a pioneering works in exploring unknown avenues of knowledge and innovation in academics; the ultimate aim of all such works is to make classroom experience more productive and dynamic. We look forward to your views, suggestions, cooperation and solicit your guidance in all respects and hope that the synergies of parents, teachers, NGOs and other institutions affect the lives of millions of students in a positive manner.