Language Lab

    Language lab has been setup in SCERT Haryana, Gurugram, to improve the linguistic skills like listening, speaking, understanding and presenting. This Lab was established in 2015 with a vision to empower every teacher and student with fluency in language and build oratory skills with powerful vocabulary by using visionet-software. To become expert in any language it is important to be involved in an environment where one can talk and listen to others in that language. A sound practical and theoretical knowledge of grammar can provide a language base, which enables one to read, write and speak correctly, confidently and effectively. All these, and much more, are provided in the Language Lab

    Key benefits of Language Lab:

    • Helps students and teachers in learning correct pronunciation
    • Can be used for online courses, assignments and assessment
    • Learner can listen to the accurate pronunciation and replay it as many times as need be.
    • One’s own voice can be recorded and compared with the precise accurate pronunciation to provide scope for improvement.
    • Helpful in vocabulary enhancement
    • Dictionary, a user friendly feature in language lab helps in learning the target language
    • Getting familiar with the phonetic alphabet helps in identifying new sounds and provides markers to navigate the language to be learnt.
    • By becoming aware of the range of sounds that exist in the language to be learnt, one can learn how to differentiate sounds that seem similar to the untrained ear, and it makes spelling easier
    • Language Lab helps in learning pronunciation and master accents like Indian, American and British; Stress, Intonation and all other aspects of phonetics.
    • It helps in learning by doing.
    • Language lab is excellent means for use of ICT in teaching and learning.
    • Practical knowledge is provided in language lab.

    Expected outcome:  Effective teaching learning process and Improvement in Language skills of the teachers and students by making use of Language Lab.