Science Department

    • To organize training programmes for Science Masters/Lecture and Lab Assistants.
    • To organize science conferences for the students
    • To conduct science fair and science drama competitions
    • To organize Science exhibitions at Block/District and State level.
    • To impart training to the selected students at state level prior to National Talent Search examination
    • To monitor and provide guidelines pertaining science Laboratories of Schools.
    • To Co-ordinate and guide the District Science Specialists.
    • To Provide remedies related to science problems in schools.
    • To simplify science text-books of various level.
    • To setup science museum and exhibit various projects for the benefit of students and teachers.
    • To exhibit various science practicals during training through science laboratory.
    • To make efforts for the implementation of INSPIRE programme in various districts of the state.
    • To motivate the students for science activities in order to develop scientific attitude in them.
    • To create awareness by exhibiting various science models in order to churn out the energy from non-conventional resources.
    • To facilitate in the process of rate contract of science items.