Dept. of Teachers’ Professional Development


    “A Teacher can never truly teach unless he himself continues to learn.”

    The main objectives of Department of Teachers’ Professional Development are as follows:

    • Imparting adequate knowledge of the subject matter and equipping the prospective teachers with necessary pedagogic skills.
    • Developing proper attitude towards teaching.
    • Enabling teachers to make proper use of instructional facilities.
    • Enhancing the quality of learning in schools
    • Enabling teachers to ascertain joyful learning skills and help them to focus on play way methods.
    • Awareness about Learning Outcomes, Child Psychology, New methodology & pedagogy
    • Providing opportunity to our teachers for sharing the best practices with fellow teachers.
    • Promoting the interdisciplinary approach of learning.
    • Emphasizing on assessment as learning.
    • Reinforcing the impact of training by decentralizing it thus minimizing the duration and transactional loss.

    Basic Functions:

    1. To organize trainings and Capacity Building Programmes for Teachers including BRPs & ABRCs, School Heads, Principals, BEOs, DEEOs, DEOs and group C & D staff of School Education Department Haryana.
    2. To organize Training Need Assessment (TNA) and prepare Annual Training Calendar (ATC) as per the need to enhance the quality of learning in schools.
    3. To provide trainings to KRPs (Key Resource Persons) at State/District/Cluster & Block level.
    4. To organize training programmes, conferences and seminars for DIETs/BITEs/GETTIs.
    5. To provide linkage and coordination with MoE, NCERT, NIEPA, RIE, NCTE, CCRT etc.
    6. To attend training & planning related meetings at Directorate level.
    7. To prepare training material/modules for teacher training.
    8. To spread awareness about Learning Outcomes, Child psychology, New Methodology & Pedagogy.

    Recent Activities


    • 62000 (PRTs, TGTs and ESHM) Teachers are given training under NISHTHA Programme. (2019-20)
    • Learning Enhancement Program for all Primary Schools. (2019-20)
    • 10 days Training of Newly Promoted BRPs and ABRCs. (2019-20)
    • Certificate course for Newly Promoted Principals of district Nuh & Aarohi Model Schools. (2019-20)
    • 16 days Leadership Training for Newly Promoted Principals from all over Haryana. (2019-20)
    • Subject specific training (Mathematics, Hindi, Political Science, English, Sociology. (2019-20)
    • Department of Teachers’ Professional Development of SCERT has developed different Training packages before giving training to teachers as well as Master Trainers.

    Contact Details:

    Sr. No Name Designation
    1 Dr. Madhup Kumar Sr. Specialist
    2 Smt. Tanu Bhardwaj Sub. Specialist
    3 Sh. Ashwani Kumar Sub. Specialist