Head of the Institute and Departments

    Head of the Institute and Departments
    Profile Picture Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
    No Image Dr. Rishi Goel Director dirscerthr[at]gmail[dot]com 9416036887
    No Image Smt. Sangeeta Yadav Joint Director
    No Image Sh. Ravinder Alawadhi Dy. Director ravinder120865[at]gmail[dot]com 9463381887
    No Image Sh. Sunil Bajaj Dy. Director ganitgyan1[at]gmail[dot]com 9717399175
    No Image Smt. Poonam Bhardwaj Head, Population Education Department populationscert[at]gmail[dot]com 9711957590
    No Image Sh. Ravinder Phogat Head, Pre-service Education Department dedbranch1[at]gmail[dot]com 9350366021
    No Image Smt. Sumita Rangi Head, Examination Department examwingscert4[at]gmail[dot]com 9899666647
    No Image Smt. Anshu Singla Head, Teacher Professional Development and Leadership Academy tescerthry[at]gmail[dot]com 8826704704
    No Image Dr. Deepti Boken Head, Science Department scertgurgaon[at]gmail[dot]com 9312410359
    No Image Dr. Suman Sharma Head, Research Department (REAP) researchmanager[dot]reapscert[at]gmail[dot]com 9971966558
    No Image Smt. Alka Rani Head, Language Department lang[dot]scert[at]gmail[dot]com 9868161045
    No Image Sh. Devender Singh Section Officer dsyadav1414[at]gmail[dot]com 9416883443